Why buy products Herbalife with me?

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I won’t rehash how Herbalife transformed my life; you already know that.

In this article, I’ll cut straight to the point: I’m going to show you how I can help you achieve your nutrition, health, and wellness goals.

Same products, different ways of working.

You’ve likely encountered this scenario, perhaps when visiting a pharmacy. All of them offer the same products, and there’s nothing you can’t find in any one of them, but… do they all deliver the same level of service? Do they offer the same guidance or advice? Most likely not.

I’m not just here to sell products; what I offer are free and exclusive tools that are truly life-changing!

What is it that I can offer you?

Online, you’ll find numerous pages offering Herbalife products at deeply discounted rates. But is the bargain truly beneficial? The reality is, such distributors are primarily interested in making a sale; they wash their hands off the matter as soon as you purchase the Herbalife products. The proof lies in the number of people who approach me daily, individuals who have purchased these products yet remain uninformed about even the basics, such as how the product works, how to prepare it, or whether it’s the right fit for them.

Benefits of being my customer

Harbalive services
  • I provide personalized tracking and guidance from the moment you initiate your plan -(whether it be for weight loss, weight gain, or muscle mass increase) until you’ve successfully achieved your desired goal.
  • Daily menus prepared by nutritionists on our team. With our weekly plan, we make it very easy for you, no calorie counting, no weighing food, we base it on a balanced plate. We also don’t just take shakes as many people believe, we eat 5-6 times a day, it’s not about being hungry but knowing how to eat. It’s very simple and flexible, even if you don’t like a food we give you options to change it.
  • Shopping list according to your daily menu, fully detailed if you don’t want to worry about anything. Plus, with different supermarket options.
Herbalife included services
  • Online sessions of Nutrition School given by our nutritionist that are key to avoid the yo-yo effect.
  • Online sessions of food psychology very useful to combat anxiety or the emotional relationship with food.
  • Motivation groups to share objectives and experiences.
  • Virtual gym online, with live classes or if you are short on time they are recorded for you to watch how and when you want. From workouts for beginners to spinning, GAP, pilates… in case you feel like moving a bit.
  • An AI application that will answer all your questions 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

❗These services are included at no additional cost only if you buy products with my ID.

We don’t want to make you dependent on Herbalife products, but independent.

I’m going to be your personal coach and this means having someone who supports and helps you throughout the process, gives you advice, motivation and recommends the best products for you. In addition, I also had to lose weight after my second pregnancy and I know what it’s like, how you’re going to feel… In my opinion, it’s hard to advise someone if you haven’t gone through the same thing.

We base everything on experiences

Harbalive included services

It’s easy to talk about the beneficial effects of the products, promises about diets that will help you lose weight in a few months, but then reality is not so pretty. The products are good but not miraculous and whoever tells you otherwise is deceiving you.

That’s why, we will always speak to you honestly, showing our experience and that of our clients.

There are yo-yo effects, side effects or products that don’t suit you, but we will help you avoid all of that. If you let me help you and are open to change, you will achieve whatever you set out to do.

Is it possible to get more discounts?

Of course, if you register with on Herbalife official website you can get a discount from your first purchase, and that discount can go up as you buy more products.

If you want me to get to know each other and talk more about all this, contact me HERE. You can also do it through EMAIL.

Herbalife Notice

Doing business with Herbalife: pros and cons

How become Herbalife distribuidor

Many opt to start a business, but if you haven’t tried Herbalife, I recommend experiencing the products first. That way, you can personally vouch for your own experience and results.


  1. You can work from home.
  2. No experience is needed.
  3. Potential high income.
  4. No fixed schedule.
  5. You have no bosses.
  6. Very good work-family balance.


  1. The salary is not fixed.
  2. Incomes vary depending on the number of hours you work and the effort you put in.

Here you can find more information about Herbalife Business.