Herbalife Protein Products Range

High protein foods help you feel satisfied and control your appetite with a low level of calories, perfect for your weight loss process. But it is also essential for athletes who need to gain muscle mass. At Herbalife, there are many different types of protein products so you can consume them as you like.


Batidos Fórmula 1 Herbalife
  • Shakemate. It's the perfect accompaniment to your Formula 1. It's enhanced in taste, has natural stevia sweetener and also provides 10.75g of quality protein per serving. It is a great choice if you are trying to lose weight, as it is very filling and prevents bad snacking habits.
  • Formula 1 Shake. In this case, you also have the Formula 1 meal replacement shake available, which provides 18g of proteins from soy and milk. In addition to including all the necessary nutrients to make a complete and healthy meal.
  • Personalized protein powder. Add proteins to your meals, sauces, drinks, etc. whenever and however you want. It contains 5g of whey and soy protein per serving. But you can incorporate the proteins you need in your diet throughout the day.
You can ask me about Herbalife's protein products and enjoy its benefits for your health and your figure. Don't hesitate, start now!