What are Herbalife Shakes?

These are shakes that are designed to replace a full meal, thanks to the inclusion of the necessary amounts of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals you require. It's a low-calorie beverage that allows you to easily and simply control your weight.

You no longer need to struggle with cooking, grocery shopping, or meticulously measuring every gram of food to calculate its energy value. These shakes allow you to lose weight while saving a lot of time and reducing hassle, as you can take them anywhere.

However, they do not perform miracles, so if you wish to lose weight, you need to make a personal effort and maintain a healthy lifestyle. All these shakes do is show you the right path to improving your dietary habits.

Herbalife Shake Price, Are Herbalife Shakes Sold at Half Price?

The prices of Herbalife shakes can vary greatly depending on where you purchase them. Hence, I advise you to register on the official Herbalife page to get discounts, either for selling, buying, or both.

You can obtain discounts of up to 50% and even get it for free if you recommend it to friends or family. And also earn some extra money from selling products.

If you want to be fully informed, you can contact us.

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Where can I buy Herbalife shakes, Can I buy cheap Herbalife shakes on Amazon? How to order Herbalife shakes?

Some independent distributors may sell you Herbalife products on Amazon. However, they are few because it is more valuable for you to find useful and high-quality information that ensures a safe purchase on professional websites.

You can order shakes through our website, with the format, flavor, or quantity of products you need. In addition, you will find articles where we speak in detail about many of the products we offer so you can compare the pros and cons before choosing.

And if you have any questions or want to ask us something, you can do so through our contact form.

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Herbalife Shake Flavors

One of the things that surprise most about Herbalife's F1 shakes is the number of flavors available, up to 11 different ones. So, it's not easy to get bored with the daily menu, you can change it each day as you fancy.

The 3 classic flavors that are well accomplished are creamy chocolate, vanilla, and crispy cookie. If you use skim milk, the flavor is very pleasant and it doesn't become cloying like with other brands.

Although in recent months, interesting alternatives for experimental palates have been incorporated, such as pineapple with coconut, chocolate and mint, or orange and chocolate. There are also options for coffee lovers, like the new latte coffee.

Cheap Herbalife Shakes

Packs are the best way to try for the first time. Some include different flavors and you can see if they sit well with you while spending less money.

The cheapest you will find is the 3-day trial for €11.18, which includes a Formula 1 shake and tea. It's enough time for you to decide whether you wish to continue with the weight loss process we suggest or prefer to change your plan.

The second most economical option is the 7-day option for around €15, which are the shake sachets. In the long run, the large can is more cost-effective, but for trying out for a week, it's perfect.

You also have a pack of 3 F1 shakes with accessories (spoon + measuring tape), ideal if you don't want to try just one flavor and risk everything at once. And for those who don't want to stop trying the tea extract to eliminate snacking between meals, there's the most recommended pack of 2 shakes and instant tea.

Want to see other options? We have over 10 different packs:

Economic packs to try:

  • 3-day trial pack
  • Start pack
  • Basic pack
  • Balanced pack
  • Advanced pack
  • 21-day challenge pack

Recommended packs:

  • Super sales pack
  • Pack with accessories

Weight packs:

  • Weight control pack
  • Maintenance pack

Sport packs:

  • Muscle gain pack
  • Protein pack

Women's packs:

  • Pregnancy pack
  • Lactating pack
  • Menopause pack
  • Cellulite pack