Herbalife Afresh Energy Drink

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Forget about snacking between meals! With the instant drink with tea extract and aromatic plants, you can alleviate food anxiety and support weight loss, in addition to frequently hydrating yourself. It provides antioxidants that improve fat absorption and the best thing is that it is prepared in a second. Are you up to try it?

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Afresh Energy Drink


    It dissolves well in both cold and hot water, so you can enjoy its flavor all year round.

    What is Herbalife Afresh?

    It’s simple: a cup of tea. But in an instant format, which means you can prepare it in two minutes by just dissolving it in water. You can drink it how and where you want, even carry it in your purse, and it comes in different flavors so you can choose the one you like best at any moment.

    Herbalife Afresh uses?

    In addition to hydrating and being a comforting drink both in winter and summer, it allows you to burn fat. Many of its ingredients have antioxidant, diuretic, and purifying effects that help you eliminate toxins and speed up your metabolism.

    It’s not that it works miracles, but with a healthy diet and a strong will to lose weight, you will achieve it.

    And the best part is that you can take it anywhere. There’s no excuse to drink sugary and calorie-filled beverages. You can prepare it in a couple of minutes, even in your water bottle. Nothing can stop you!

    Te herbalife

    Herbalife Afresh benefits

    Te instantaneo

    Herbalife Afresh has the following advantages:

    • Only 6kcal per serving of Afresh.
    • Low in sugars, fats, and carbohydrates.
    • Antioxidant and diuretic effects.
    • Helps with fat loss.
    • Boosts metabolism.
    • Helps to relieve snacking anxiety in between meals.
    • 4 different flavors to choose from.

    Also, it’s suitable for vegans.

    Herbalife Afresh side effects

    Although it is a very natural product, suitable for most, it contains caffeine. So, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

    I also wouldn’t advise it if you suffer from insomnia. In any case, if you have trouble sleeping at night, avoid drinking it after 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

    And check the ingredients beforehand if you have any intolerance or allergy.

    How to make Herbalife Afresh?

    Forget about tea bags or boiling herbs. It’s as easy as mixing a half teaspoon of tea (about 1.7g) in cold or hot water (between 200 and 250ml).

    You can choose to make it as a slush with ice. Summer will be much more pleasant with a cool tea.

    Herbalife Afresh reviews

    It is a very popular drink, not only because of the ease of drinking it anytime, anywhere, but because it really helps a lot to lose weight. In my case it helped me to improve fluid retention, given its diuretic effect, and it was a very good extra in the weight loss process.

    I also value the variety of flavours it offers, it adapts to all tastes. I especially highlight the lemon flavour, because it is the least cloying and the most versatile, both hot and cold.

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